Shooting Feet: Seven Ways to Establish Footwork for a Quicker Release

Always Be Shot Ready


Always Be Shot Ready!  

This video will help coaches more effectively teach players how to use proper footwork while shooting a basketball.  Coach Tony Huml (Close The Gate Hoops) takes viewers through proper shooting mechanics, followed by teaching the seven ways to establish shooting feet and when to use each application during game situations.  Huml then offers drills for each of the seven ways.   A vocabulary of cue words will help coaches communicate corrections with efficiency and ease.  

An introduction from two-time National Championship Coach Pat Miller of UW-Whitewater sets up the mindset for effective shooters.  Excellent for coaching boys and girls of all ages and skill levels!    

Basketball, Youth Basketball, Shooting, Shooting Mechanics, Footwork, Shooting Footwork, Shooting Drills

Starring Tony Huml, Pat Miller, Kate Huml, Liz Huml, Carson Leuzinger, Jessa Alderman, Kyle Chrostowski, Connor Dillon, Elizabeth Pierson, Shane Kisting, Karder, Tway, Olin Zellmer
Produced by Tony Huml  Written by Tony Huml, Pat Miller  Directed by Tony Huml

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Released 2018
Genre Sports
Runtime 01:57:00
Date Limits 10/10/2018-1/1/2028